Jogging today

I did 15 mins run in the park with my fiancĂ© this evening. It felt great after 🙂 I feel very good mainly because I did something good for my body. I know it’s very little, but it’s just the start of hopefully regular and longer runs
Good night 🙂



It’s been so long since my last post. I didn’t have the courage to write again without anything positive to share. So here it is – I am down to 99kg. I know it’s not much but it’s a start and I am happy with it. It motivates me to loose more.
How I did it – reduced my daily amount of food using MyFitnessPal app. It’s useful to see how much you eat and how much you need to eat. I don’t plan to always use just because I have the rough idea of a normal food amount that I have to take each day now. I also did couple of home fitness sessions and maybe walked a bit more during the weekends. I plan to go back to the gym once I loose a bit more kilos.
I hope my next positive post comes sooner!

Still 100

I did commute to the office yesterday which included 30 mins walking. It’s not a lot but it’s better than staying at home.
I didn’t expect to have lost weight when I weighted myself today. But I was happy to see I am still at 100kg.
A short weekend away is coming. Fingers crossed I will not put on weight.

Finally workout at home

I am so happy I did a short (but rather intensive) workout at home yesterday evening. I decided to do an Xbox One Fitness programme. 

At first I chose 30 minutes one, which by the 5th minute became so intense that I just had to stop… otherwise, I was going to collapse. Then I went back to the list of free programmes and chose a 10 minutes burnout session. I thought no matter how hard it is I will last 10 minutes. And … I did! 

It was very hard to keep up with the woman’s movements so I kind of did my version of them :). It was very good routine which made me sweat a lot. Added bonus is the Xbox One ratings and motivational messages that ‘you can do it’. I even managed to unlock some achievements 🙂

I am not sure if I will make another one today, but I am sure it will be very soon.

10 days later

It’s 10 days since I started the blog and my weight loss journey. I think I eat normal amount of food and I probably should eat a bit less if I want to loose weight. I still haven’t done any exercises at home, but I’ve been on the bike couple of times. I don’t know if it’s because of that or not… but today the scales displayed 15.7 stones (100kg)! I am happy about it and I hope it’s not because it was the morning (I know the weight fluctuate during the day). 

Loose weight and have fun

I’ve been struggling to find motivation to do some exercises. Especially doing them at home. I have bought weights and a mat long time ago but have to admit they haven’t been used yet.
I thought it’s going to be easy to do it since I work from home. Just 10 minutes during my lunch break should be better than nothing… Still it’s just hard because it’s always hard to do things on your own (at least for me).
It’s great that today my fiancĂ© and I got again on the bikes for 3 hours. We were on a 6 miles cycle! It wasn’t easy at times (uphill), but at the end you feel so good 🙂
I feel like I did something good to myself and my body. I should think about that next time I am lazy to exercise!

Thoughts on calories and calculations

I didn’t do any exercises at home like I promised myself I would. It’s really hard to get the motivation. During the weekend I think I even ate more than I should have (at a friend’s birthday party). But then again – how much should I eat to loose weight? Isn’t that a simple equation:

daily calories = calories intake – calories burnt

If you want to loose weight the ‘daily calories’ should have a negative value. Which means that if I have junk food and then go to the gym for 2 hours I can still loose weight.

I am far from counting calories as I think this is so depressing and exhausting… but my point is that the choice of food and the amount doesn’t always define the target – which in my case is loose weight. Of course that doesn’t mean eat frozen junk food and sweets as much as you want. There should be a balance – a healthier lifestyle. But not one that restrict you from certain type of food.

I hope this makes sense – as it does to me.

And to finish on the positive side – yesterday I did 30 minutes cycling around the neighbourhood with my fiancee. I feel happy about it as we haven’t been out on the bikes for almost one year.

No scales today…